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Aniseed Balls - 4oz in Jubilee Tin


Bring our famous sweet shop to your own home, with an exclusive Jubilee Confectioners Tin filled with your choice of Beamish sweets. This reusable tin is based on an original design and contains 4oz of aniseed balls.


Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup (SULPHUR DIOXIDE), water, vegetable oil (SOYABEAN oil – produced from genetically modified soyabeans, anti-foaming agent: E900 Dimethylpolysiloxane), cornflour, flavouring, acid (citric acid) (E330), E122*, E110*, E102*. Typical values (per 100g): Energy (2853.6kj/ 718kcal); Fat (0g); Saturates (0g); Carbohydrate (78g); Sugars (28g); Protein (0g); Salt (0g).