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*NEW* Sweet Shop Bundle


This ultimate sweet shop bundle includes a Jubilee Confectioners a bar of Jubilee Confectioners milk chocolate, an exclusive Jubilee Confectioners tin, 4oz of Beamish Mix (a selection of our fruit flavoured boiled sweets) and 4oz of our delicious cinder toffee.

The perfect treat for yourself or a great gift idea!



Beamish Mix

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup (SULPHUR DIOXIDE), water, vegetable oil (SOYABEAN  oil – produced from genetically modified soyabeans, anti-foaming agent: E900 Dimethylpolysiloxane), cornflour, flavouring, acid (citric acid) (E330), E102*, E110*, E122*, E133, E142*, E153. Typical values (per 100g): Energy (2853.6kj/ 718kcal); Fat (0g); Saturates (0g); Carbohydrate (78g); Sugars (28g); Protein (0g); Salt (0g).

Cinder Toffee

Sugar, glucose syrup (SULPHUR DIOXIDE), Bicarbonate soda, cornflour, Vegetable Oil (SOYABEAN oil produced from genetically modified soyabeans, anti-foaming agent E900 Dimethylpolysiloxane). Nutritional Values per 100g - Energy 2012kJ, 481kcal, Fat 19g, (of which saturates 11g), Carbohydrates 78g (of which sugars 63g), Protein 3g, Salt 0g