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Beamish Magazine - 80 Page Golden Jubilee Edition


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Be sure to pick up this latest copy of the Beamish Magazine! Our special 80-page Golden Jubilee edition celebrates 50 fantastic years since the museum was set up by founding Director Frank Atkinson. We speak to those with a close connection to Beamish, including the museum’s first members of staff, and visitors have been sharing their special memories of visits through the years, plus there’s a Golden Jubilee quiz and a 50-year picture special!

Find out about the effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on the museum and the hard work that has been going on behind the scenes to get the museum back up and running and to secure Beamish’s future, including the launch of our fundraising campaign. Site staff share the challenges and highlights they faced whilst looking after the site during the four months the museum had to close due to COVID-19.

Plus, we share news on Beamish awards, our exciting online shop, which features new product ranges, the latest Friends’ news and the various filming that has taken place – were you lucky enough to spot some of the famous faces at the museum?

Don’t miss out on this bumper edition of the Beamish Magazine!