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Beamish Mix - 4oz in Jubilee Tin


Bring our famous sweet shop to your own home, with an exclusive Jubilee Confectioners Tin filled with a fantastic mix of Beamish sweets - from pineapple drops and cherry drops to pear drops and peaches and cream!

This reusable tin is based on an original design and contains 4oz of Beamish sweets.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup (SULPHUR DIOXIDE), water, vegetable oil (SOYABEAN  oil – produced from genetically modified soyabeans, anti-foaming agent: E900 Dimethylpolysiloxane), cornflour, flavouring, acid (citric acid) (E330), E102*, E110*, E122*, E133, E142*, E153. Typical values (per 100g): Energy (2853.6kj/ 718kcal); Fat (0g); Saturates (0g); Carbohydrate (78g); Sugars (28g); Protein (0g); Salt (0g).